#497 – Gigant Ick

As you enter the inner sanctum of THE END BOSS’S CASTLE, you notice a foul odor. It’s one you’ve smelled before. Actually, you’ve encountered this particular stench a frustrating amount of times. Before you can once again ponder the deep, existential notion of a universal creator that seems to be simply running out of ideas, you enter the humid, choking cloud surrounding the master of all sludge piles, the Gigant Ick.

From this steaming pile, all Icks are born. It’s a blight on everything that exists. You’re glad to be the one to rid the world of it.

“The Gigant Ick wobbles incomprehensibly. You become confused. The Gigant Ick belches, and a torrent of acid washes over the party. The party involuntarily releases its own torrent of acid shortly after.”

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