#472 – Necker Chief

They don’t actually stretch their necks or anything. They’re just… like this.

“The Necker Chief attempts to eye you suspiciously, but he’s not far back enough.”

#471 – Snache

Really needs to work on his posture.

“The Snache tries to attack, but can’t move well. The Snache is looking for a heating pad…”

#470 – Baddie Bag

I think kids would actually be pretty happy with getting these after a birthday party.

“The Baddie Bag gives you a gift of poison. You are, er, poisoned.”

#469 – Sir Rated

He can’t ‘do‘ hugs.

“Sir Rated shows you his edges. You do not enjoy the experience.”

#468 – Robotanist

When it was just raising plants mechanically we didn’t have these problems. When someone upgraded it with emotions, though…

“The Robotanist dispenses some fertilizer! It restores the HP of its plant, and the smell blinds your team.”

#467 – Stone Tablet

Not very portable.

“The Stone Tablet is receiving a mysterious, high-bandwidth signal from outer space! The Stone Tablet restores some HP, and also downloads a firmware update.”

#466 – Flipant

Hey, don’t laugh. If you were in his position, you’d… well, you’d right yourself and stand back up. Nevermind.

“The Flipant wails for help! Reinforcements arrive, but fall down and begin flailing. The ground shakes…”

#465 – PessiMist

Bein’ a gas sucks. I wish I was a liquid.

“A PessiMist is rolling in. This is going to be terrible.”

#464 – Refuse Box

I don’t care if there’s been a thunderstorm and this basement is creepy! I’m not opening my panel for ANYONE!

“The Refuse Box unfortunately refuses to not electrocute you.”

#463 – Baritoner

Delivers a thrilling performance in terms of singing and page quality.

“The Baritoner sings a very compelling opera on why you should spend hundreds of dollars on genuine cartridges.”