#460 – Aghast

It certainly is.

“The Aghast is more afraid of you than you are of it! But, you’re still paralyzed by the spooky power of its horrified gaze.”

#459 – Iced Coughy

They said to wear a sweater, but did he listen?

“The Iced Coughy hacks some phlegm onto you! You develop nighttime stuffiness!”

#458 – Web Surfer

These guys don’t last long because frankly there aren’t a lot of insects out on the waves. Also, they attract a lot of ladies… who eat them.

“The Web Surfer rides a wave of silk over the party! You are immobilized and grossed out beyond belief.”

#457 – Mim Ick

You’re not fooling anybody, pal!

“A Mim Ick draws near! You back away.”

#456 – Bed, Ridden

The stuff of nightmares. Or just nighttime motion sickness.

“The Bed, Ridden stamps furiously! Your toe absorbs what feels like 9,999,999 points of damage, but somehow is relatively unscathed.”

#455 – Chill Chest

What, you were expecting treasure rather than a sub-zero ice trap? Deal with it.

“The Chill Chest emits so much coolness that you’re frozen with awe… in addition to being literally frozen.”

#454 – Crunch Time

Well apparently it isn’t crunch time for this guy. It’s.. snack time, I guess.

“The Crunch Time eats some chips and regains some HP!”

#453 – Moving Box

It’s not as useful as you’d think. It can’t handle stairs and it also doesn’t like it when you put stuff in it.

“The Moving Box trips, and buries you in an avalanche of useless crap you didn’t realize you had.”

#452 – Tired

Needs more sleep… or more air.

“The Tired considers rolling in your general direction…. instead it yawns. You become sleepy.”

#451 – Entertain Mint

Dinner and a show, and then you eat the performer.

“The Entertain Mint did a crazy dance! You become confused.”