#439 – Solar Cell

If you don’t like bioluminescence, well, you’re going to just have to deal with it.

“The Solar Cell absorbs the ambient light! You are blinded.”

#438 – Crane Operator

Being a Heron Operator was okay but the cost of fresh frogs wasn’t really worth it.

“The Crane Operator directs its mount’s beak into your eye socket. He’s new at this, though, so you have time to dodge.”

#437 – Run

He’s had a crisis of verbs ever since his wings fell off.

“The Run tries to buzz around your head, but can only get as high as your knees. It trips over your foot.”

#436 – Nail File

Oh right, this is filed under ‘O’ for “OH GOD, MY EYE”.

The nail file trips and spills its contents all over the floor. The first person to move will regret it…”

#435 – Rampager

Hell hath no fury like consumer electronics scorned.

“The Rampager begins to vibrate violently! You take earth-based damage.”

#434 – Sir Realist

I’m not even sure if this battle is even HAPPENING or if I just ate some bad food.

“Sir Realist melts time! You can’t tell if it’s your turn.”

#433 – Popcorn Colonel

Leader of the microwave shock troops.

“The Popcorn Colonel calls in a tactical hot butter strike!”

#432 – Minimalist Ick

Unlike most icks, which stink to high heaven, this formless blob with whiskers has… new car smell.

“The Minimalist Ick just sort of… wobbles. You wander off out of boredom, the battle ends.”

#431 – Earupt

A lot of things make it angry, but ear infections are the worst.

“The Earupt is furious! It doesn’t hear you sneak in for a back attack.”

#430 – Faux Foe

Doesn’t do much.

“The Faux Foe continues to win the ongoing staring contest.”