#399 – Pike

This Pike is being carried by some kind of fish.

“The Pike jabs at the entire party! Everyone suffers puncture damage.”

#398 – Samurye

Without a master, or good lunchmeat, he’ll cut his own kind… for a price.

“The Samurye slashed wildly! … but its blade is dull! The attack fails.”

#397 – Gastr Ick

Frequently appears with Ant Acids.

“The Gastr Ick… makes a mad dash for the bathroom! The battle ends.”

#396 – Potsticker

This was easier than keeping an album of them.

“The Potsticker wipes some hot adhesive on you! You are burned and stuck to the floor.”

#395 – Pea Brain

I guess your green veggies can make you smarter… if you hire them as a tutor.

“The Pea Brain threw the book at you! It hits you in the teeth.”

#388 – Boring Machine

This is the Boring Machine. Its job is boring.

“The Boring Machine is boring. The Boring Machine fell asleep, and is now boring as well as boring.”

#387 – Moler

All those minerals make for some mighty healthy teeth.

“The Moler attacks the dirt with a nasty bite! It misses and takes a chunk out of your leg instead.”

#386 – Trop Ick

It will introduce you to the wonders of a jungle paradise, like virulent diseases carried by biting insects that are the size of a house cat.

“The Trop Ick spilled its drink on you. You are beset by a swarm of jungle ants!”

#385 – Impress

I’m certainly impressed. And a little worried.

“The Impress dances a compression dance! Your HP fits into a smaller space now, because its maximum has decreased.”

#384 – GeminEye

Well how did that get there?

“The GeminEye stumbles around in pain, and knocks you over! You lose a turn.”