#372 – Antiscept Ick

If this is the only thing in your medicine cabinet, my only advice to you is don’t get any cuts, ever.

“The Antiscept Ick released a bandaid ball! You’re stuck tight to the floor and can’t move!”

#371 – Deadpan

This dead thing has more life in it than most people I know.

“The Deadpan summoned the Eldritch Chicken! Scrambled Eggs of the Damned in 3 turns…”

#370 – Quiver

His biggest fear is running out of arrows. He has a recurring nightmare wherein he is locked, alone, in a supply closet at an abandoned summer camp.

“The Quiver tried to run, tripped, and showered you with arrows!”

#369 – Fissureman

He doesn’t really care if you fall for it, per se, so long as you falling is involved.

“The Fissureman baited his hook with a hamburger! Your stomach began to growl…”

#368 – Franks & Beams

Hey, it could be worse. They could be the Burgertites from Cholesteron 5, those guys don’t mess around.

“The Franks & Beams toss a Ketchup Gas grenade at you! The effects are too horrifying to discuss.”

#367 – Custom Eyes

If you think he’s just a creepy weirdo who steals eyeballs to put into his own sockets… you’d be right. They grant him no extra abilities whatsoever. Wear goggles.

“The Custom Eyes eyes you aggressively! You are being pelted with eyeballs.”

#366 – IV League

This gang of hoodlums is out to poke your arm and maybe inject you with some… what is that, fruit juice?

“The IV League coordinates a pokey attack! You are badly poisoned.”

#365 – Talking Point

These can actually be knocked out and wielded as weapons, but they’ll lower your attack stat unless you’re set to the Pundit class.

“The Talking Point made a strong assertion! You sustain massive brain damage.”

#364 – Souperior

Look at this guy. A few extra veggies and lower sodium content and it all goes right to his head.

“The Souperior berates you for your bad eating habits! Your confidence drops.”

#367 – Irrigator

Oh yeah. He’s ready for summer.

“The Irrigator is just getting started after a long dry spell! It douses you with mildewy-smelling water.”