#337 – Sir Vive

Get ready to be in this one for the long haul. You’ll find out why.

“Sir Vive used a healing spell! Sir Vive used a barrier spell! Sir Vive used a regeneration spell! Sir Vive used an evasion spell! Sir Vive used a Super Healing Spell! Sir Vive used another evasion spell! You throw the controller at the TV.”

#336 – Airborn

If this was dropped off on my doorstep I’d have it sent back.

“The Airborn drops a … payload. You… you can’t deal with this right now.”

#335 – Eel Literate

He appreciates the classics… that doesn’t necessarily mean he comprehends them.

“Eel Literate tried to use you as a bookmark! Your finger is flattened!”

#334 – Commemorative Plaque

Congratulations on forgetting to go to the dentist for several years!

“The Commemorative Plaque does a mind swap! You are paralyzed by the immense pain it feels at all times.”

333 – Lucky Roll

Good luck hitting this guy. Must be all the rice wine vinegar.

“The Lucky Roll selected a plate at random! … Gold Plate! You are forced to pay an extravagant amount of money.”

#332 – Naughty Pine

No, I don’t want to see your “branch”.

“The Naughty Pine uses ‘Flasher Fire’! You are blinded, but it is ignited.”

#331 – Abaloney

Abaloney has a first name… it’s Ted.

“The Abaloney takes a bite out of its sandwich and gains back some HP!”


Oh man I have never made an actual blog post here before this is so weird.

It’d be nice if I could get it together enough to post this sooner, but at least this isn’t like Stumptown where I forgot to post about it entirely!

Feathered Robot Productions will be at Sakura-Con 2011 in Seattle this coming weekend, from April 22-24. That means that Emily and I will have a table in the Small Press Area, and we’ll be selling comics and other cool stuff!
Stop by the Feathered Robot booth and you can pick up YOU ENCOUNTER A COLORING BOOK which is exactly what it sounds like, or an assortment of MONSTER BUTTONS. Yes, now you too can finally live your life-long dream of having to explain what the hell a “Catter Wall” is to random passers by who happen to see the shoulder strap of your bag.
There is also a lot of great stuff from Emily, like her beautiful origami roses (MOTHER’S DAY IS ON MAY 8TH) and her comics, and a couple of original stories she and I worked on together.
So if you are in the area this weekend, stop by and say hello!

#330 – Carcinogen Ick

Banned from restaraunts, not only for the obvious reason, but also because he’s a loudmouthed jerk.

“The Carcinogen Ick spewed toxic smoke and vitriol! You are poisoned and insulted.”

#329 – Mourning Coffee

Scone, why did you have to be taken?! You were so young!

“The Mourning Coffee cries on your shoulder. Your shoulder is burned.”