#316 – GraviTater

I’m told that anything made out of one of these is out of (or at least off the surface of) this world.

“The GraviTater creates a mini black hole! It fizzles out in less than a nanosecond, so you fail to notice.”

#315 – Spring Break

He was partying too hard!

“The Spring Break is getting worked up! But its coordination is getting worse…”

#314 – Earth’s Crust

It’s got cinnamon!

“The Earth’s Crust offers you a piece of pie! The filling gives you a burn.”

#313 – Tee Time

He acts pretty smug, but his actual skills are lukewarm at best.

“Tee Time putts a lemon right into your eye! You double over in pain.”

#312 – Ridicumulus

This cloun has been trying to work the birthday party circuit lately, but no one ever seems to want him there…

“Ridicumulus told a soak joke! The punchline is that you now have pneumonia.”

#311 – Rel Ick

Rel Ick has the same opinion of just about everything: “IT BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!”

Rel Ick rifles through your inventory! You’d stop it, but you don’t want to get whatever it is made of all over your hands…”

#310 – Imp Possible

He’s the pest you need. The pest you deserve.

“Imp Possible leaps a banana peel in a single bound! … and then throws it at your feet.”

#309 – Simpleton

Being 2,000 pounds of metal is all he knows and all he will ever know.

“You attack the Simpleton furiously! It does not notice.”

#308 – Coven Ant

Under the cover of darkness, with their aphid familiars in tow, coven ants devise new ways to find the food you left out on your desk.

“The Coven Ant casts a spell! You turn into a delicious candy cane.”

#307 – Scentipede

Looks like someone has been to the craft store!

“The Scentipede tries to lure you in with the scent of lavendar, but only manages to produce the scent of purple! You feel nauseous.”