#293 – To-Duelist

Greetings. I am the Marquise de Cheque, and I am here to get things done.

“The To-Duelist changed your due date to 10 seconds from now! Instant KO in 10… 9…”

#292 – Circuit Tree

You need to be particularly wary of the short ones.

“The Circuit Tree casts Electrostatic Autumn! Positively and Negatively charged leaves rain from above.”

#291 – Starewell

A wish? I wish this thing would stop looking at me.

“The Starewell’s eye begins to water. Suddenly, you’re up to your knees in liquid.”

#290 – Back Burner

This… this isn’t intentional.

“The Back Burner runs backwards in a panic! The fire damage to the party starts to pile up.”

#289 – Metall Ick

The Metall Ick has the following techniques: Escape, Abscond, Flee, Depart, Exit, Evacuate, Exodus, Run Away, and Stare Blankly.

“The Metall Ick fled… but you feel like it was a good experience.”

#288 – Cobalt Cuspid

Uh, yeah, he’s not talking to you. He’s on the phone.

“The Cobalt Cuspid is ignoring you. You become enraged.”

#287 – A Way

Always found in the same area as A Will.

“The following monsters have run: A Way.”

#286 – Has Bin

You can count on Has Bin to hold onto your items. You can’t necessarily count on Has Bin to give them back to you.

“Has Bin spots your bag! Has Bin is immobilized by love.”

#285 – Hex Editor

You have to train for a long time, nitpick a lot of essays, and study the entire GrammatoPedandicon to become a Hex Editor.

“The Hex Editor dots your I’s! You are blinded and in immense pain.”

#284 – Curds & Weigh

If you have guys like Curds & Weigh in your kitchen… it’s time to clean your kitchen.

“Curds & Weigh use a 100,000,000 ounces of pain attack! You are buried under a mountain of produce.”