#277 – Threadbear

Bees are powerless to stop the threadbear from stealing their precious honey. After all, you can’t sting what, according to the laws of physics, honestly shouldn’t even be standing upright.

“The Threadbear claws at you mercilessly! … But, it just sort of itches.”

#276 – Purse

“Just give me my wallet” was not the sort of thing it wanted to hear, I guess.

“The Purse righteously refuses to relinquish its riches. Your ranks are ravaged by rage.”

#275 – Impose

He felt that he belonged in a museum; however, security did not agree.

“Impose is standing perfectly still, but somehow still manages to put a banana peel under your feet! You fall and lose one turn.”

#274 – Cost Ick

The horrible sludge market is kind of unstable.

“The Cost ick does the antacid dance! But you fail to not throw up at the sight of it.”

#273 – A Cute

Yeah, sure, everyone wants them now, but when they become obtuse they just end up in shelters! … And geometry notebooks!

“The Cute gives you an adorable look. You adore it for several turns.”

#272 – IncapaciTater

Don’t mash me, bro.

“The IncapaciTater brandishes his taser! You deftly dodge the assault, and retaliate with Level 5 Peeler of Doom.”

#271 – Sir Ender

Renowned for putting a quick end to any battle he faces. He didn’t earn the nickname “The Unconditional” for nothing!

“Sir Ender admits defeat.”

#270 – Tune Ick

It’s hard to say what’s worse; hearing it sing, or watching its gross mouth move around while it does.

“The Tune Ick notices your sleeves are covered in bits of it, and gets an idea for the next song to sing…”

#269 – PropaGator

I wish he wouldn’t affect that stupid accent.

“The PropaGator looks at you scornfully… then has its hired goons beat the crap out of you.”

#268 – A Void

The odds of hitting it are, well… astronomical.

“Your attack misses! Suddenly, your weapon is slowly spiraling away toward a distant star.”