#233 – Kasa Obake

Mi Kasa Obake es su Kasa Obake…. because I don’t want it. It’s creepy. But seriously folks, you don’t need silly puns for this Japanese folkloric monster, because it stands on its own. In fact, it’s that it stands on its own that’s the problem!

“The Kasa Obake bounced around! It floats so well, each bounce takes about 5 minutes. Several turns are wasted.”

#232 – Smokescreen

Well, it certainly hampers visibility for someone.

“The Smokescreen increases the contrast of the entire battlefield! Your accuracy and color vibrancy drop!”

#231 – Identacle

Steals personal documents from sailors and makes fraudulent charges in their names.

“The Identacle tries to buy some stuff on eBay using your credit card! Your FraudArmor blocks the attack.”

#230 – Cricket Bat

On warm summer nights, Cricket Bats emerge by the thousands from caves to hunt down and eat eachother.

“Cricket Bat A is distracting you with a fancy legsong! Cricket Bat B uses a blood drink attack!”

#229 – Pot

Dude what if… what if water.. boiled us? That would be… that would be so crazy, man.

… Let’s make mac and cheese.

“The Pot is contemplating its handle. It does this for the next 8 turns.”

#228 – Swim Meat

Banned from all YMCA’s.

“The Swim Meat is turning the battlefield into broth!”

#227 – Deli Gator

In this sandwich, the delicious, freshly sliced meat is… corned beef.

… the next sandwich will be made of you, though.

“The Deli Gator corners you in a mire of mustard! Your speed falls and your deliciousness rises.”

#A9 – Leftovers Brigade

In preparation for ze upcoming ‘oliday, I think you should throw these away.

“The Leftovers Brigade is ready to fight! A paralyzing stench envelops the battlefield.”

#A8 – Countdown

Like you would expect, ‘e makes nothing but ze time related puns.

“Countdown wants you to know… that your days are numbered! You feel nauseous.”

#A7 – Beef Broth

Where do you find ze Beef Broth? In Vietnamese zoups, of course.

“The Beef Broth charges, but trips on some noodles! It misses!”