#206 – Packing Peanut

I’m running away to join the… what? What do you mean there are elephants there?!

“The Packing Peanut throws some dirty laundry at you! Nothing happens… you’re not allergic.”

#205 – Rose Hip

It’s a medical condition.

“Rose Hip bumps you with thorns! You take groovy damage.”

#204 – A Corn

Luckily it’s just one corn. A whole corn army, now that would be a problem.

“The Corn is readying its lighter! Popping in 3… 2… 1…”

#203 – Beastro

In ancient times, the Beastro would challenge adventurers with the Riddle of the Fresh Ground Pepper.

“The Beastro forcefully extracts a tip! You lose 18% of your money.”

#202 – Maple Searup

The upside is that it doesn’t require any processing. The downside is that it will make your pancakes melt your skull.

“The Maple Searup boils over! You sustain third-degree burns and are all sticky…”

#201 – Dreadsheet

Those damned to complete a complex report on a deadline know the face of the Dreadsheet.

“The Dreadsheet completed a damage formula! HIT =(ALL THE TIME) DMG =(A LOT)”

#200 – Seasonal Sludge

I’m going to be celebrating “pay off the garbage man day” pretty soon if this guy doesn’t leave.

“The Seasonal Sludge left a stain on the fabric of spacetime! You experience a lifetime of Thanksgivings! You’re too full to move…”

#199 – Anty Freeze

Not to be confused with Aunty Freeze, who you do not want pinching your cheeks.

“Anty Freeze is foraging! Anty Freeze mistook you for ice cream and clamped down! Freezing mandible damage!”

#198 – Impunity

I don’t even know. The imps don’t seem to mind, at least.

“Impunity used a doubletime pester attack! You are annoyed accordingly.”

#197 – Fromage

Aged cheese, aged fashion.

“Fromage is looking badass, but not much else! Fromage is starting to melt!”