#216 – Catter Gory

Not exactly one you can explain to mom if it follows you home.

“The Catter Gory rubs up against you affectionately! You’re too grossed out to move…”

#215 – Fiendish

The casserole of Beelzebub himself.

“The Fiendish stole the soul of your tastebuds! Everything tastes like overcooked broccoli!”

#214 – Wasp

Uh, excuse me. We only allow certain… kinds of people into this hive. I’m afraid that unless you’re accompanied by someone, you’ll have to leave.

“The Wasp isn’t interested in fighting you; it’s got a badminton game at 7:00. Battle over.”

#213 – Hammer

He refuses to be the new Thanksgiving staple! For one thing, he doesn’t have a stapler.

“The Hammer blinds you with some reflected light from its glaze, and then goes for your toes!”

#212 – Safe T. Dance

He can dance if he wants to. He can leave your friends behind…. Because he is pretty sure you’re all a bunch of bank thieves.

“Safe T. Dance does the combination shuffle! All of your cracking progress has been undone.”

#211 – Sleap

Sleap hasn’t had any collisions… that it’s been aware of.

“Sleap trips on a hurdle and barrels into you! Concussive damage!”

#210 – Apple Butter

I prefer to mash my apples because so far they haven’t discovered a way to “headsauce” people.

“The Apple Butter charges! You defensively brandish some cinnamon! The Apple Butter backs away…”

#209 – Storm Window

Energy efficient if you can harness the lightning, I guess.

“The Storm Window opens wide! A chunk of hail smacks you in the face!”

#208 – Roeboat

A serious mistake has been made with someone’s sushi order.

“The Roeboat drifts by! Some of the roe hatches and attacks!”

#207 – Hareball

Cats who cough these up tend to secretly be magicians.

“You attack the Hareball! Your hit harmlessly bounces the Hareball away! The Hareball left the battle…”