#195 – Assaultin’ Battery

A power cell who, if convicted, will end up in a cell.

“The Assaultin’ Battery is charging! It overcharged! It rushes you.. and brushes you with that flaky acid! The party sustains chemical burns!”

#194 – Yammer

Yammer is basically harmless; he just talks a lot. He’s quite a candid yam.

“Yammer tells you about his nutritional value! You fall asleep…”

#193 – Blimple


“Blimple tried to cover its face… and crashed into the ground! The shockwave knocks you over!”

#192 – Swatch of Destruction

He’d like to do more damage but you’d have to be stupid enough to buy a gallon for that.

“The Swatch of Destruction is painting the town red! You don’t want to know what his paint is made out of.”

#191 – Sucker Punch

Banned from the dentist’s office for ruining all the hard work afterwards.

“The Sucker Punch hits you with a cavity uppercut!”

#189 – Gene Jacket

I grew out of this mutation in middle school, myself.

“The Gene Jacket is looking pretty good. It mutates more charisma! It’s too bad that stat has no battle effect.”

#189 – Catter Lytic Converter

In high demand for its content of precious metals, but as a result, very wary of being stolen in the night.

“The Catter Lytic Converter cured everyone’s poison status!”

#188 – CastiGator

Most of its spells are heat based so it can stay active.

“CastiGator is planning its next spell! … or.. maybe it’s sunbathing. Honestly, it’s hard to tell. It might  not even be awake.”

#187 – Turkey Club

If you’re the one to break his obvious weak point, you get to make a wish.

“The Turkey Club attacks… with a side of cranberry sauce! Concussive damage! You slip and fall!”

#186 – Audio Phile

Lossless, uncompressed, and insufferable.

“Audio Phile balks at the quality of the battle music! It explains that the quality of the MIDI instruments is poor, and that in this day and age everyone should be using recorded music since the format has improved. Even better than CD quality– hey, are you listening?

You try to escape, but you can’t!”