#119 – Drainsnake

Retrieves hair clogs, but not for any reason you’d expect…

“The Drainsnake is looking good! It tosses its new locks aside dramatically and splashes you with filthy water. You’re paralyzed with disgust and take gradual damage as the bacteria sets in.”

#118 – Dweebuff

Uhhhh actually… hhh. technically you can’t be debuffed until you’ve been buffed, so one might say he’s uhhhh… hhh… simply weakening you. Unless you uhhh.. hh, applied buffs before, then the term of course uhhh.. applies directly.

“The Dweebuff locks you in a pedantic conversation! You are losing your will to fight. Your attack drops. Your defense drops.”

#117 – Zombanana

This is what happens when you put them into the fridge.

“The Zombanana unleashed a peel plague! Now all your food smells like bananas.”

#116 – O’s Nap

Rolling is tiring. So is eating yourself.

“O’s Nap snored so loudly, a shockwave was visible! The shockwave knocked you off your feet!”

#115 – Lamp Shade

The malevolence of every misdirected projectile from indoor baseball.

“The Lamp Shade shined a ghostly light in your eyes! You’re seeing spots! The spots are confirming your deepest fears and insecurities!”

#114 – Catter List

The hardest part of doing a project is getting it started. A Catter List will help you get started. Your project will get a big reaction.

“The Catter List let out a groan-inducing meow! You no longer have the will to fight.”

#113 – Hipster

Frequently found on front steps, usually with a Coughy, or just a cheap beer.

“The Hipster used a No Longer Cool attack! You sustain massive fire damage!”

#112 – Coughy

Hello everyone, I’m back. I hope you enjoyed the intermission, which was totally not me faking a french accent while being lazy. I am feeling refreshed, at any rate!

As if the office wasn’t a hotbed of disease already. I bet everyone’s dumb coworkers will be sporting these.

“The Coughy  suppresses a sneeze! The jerking motion splashed you with a little bit less hot scalding liquid than would kill you, so you’re left with 1 HP.”

#A4 – Dumtruck

Zees fellow, I would not call fearsome. I would call him…. dumb. Zees is a dumb truck. Zere eez nothing else to say.

“The Dumtruck attacked! The Dumtruck forgot it attacked already, so it attacked again!”

Vis zat, I must bid you all adieu. I ‘ope you enjoyed my presentation of amazing recolors!

#A3 – Serif

‘Zis fearsome… er-hem, well, maybe.. eet eez not so fearsome. It is rather cute, non? Ze Serif, it resides in many urban areas, as opposed to eet’s desert-dwelling cousin, ze Sand Serif. Zere eez not much else to say.

“The Serif is feeling around with its antennae! It identified you! The next attack is sure to hit!”