#69 – Precarious Peeler

Targets the uncoordinated and clumsy.

“The Precarious Peeler can’t seem to keep its balance!… The precarious peeler aims for your finger…”

#68 – K the Third

The heir to a renowned thieving lineage. His methods may be different now (grandpa liked to steal random items and switch them with others to confuse would-be adventurers) but the principle is the same. Don’t bring any money to this battle.

“K the Third rifled around in his bag and pulls out a bomb! You take explosive damage, and your money is gone.”

#67 – White Guilt

Feels responsible for something he didn’t do. It might just be for show, though.

“The White Guilt apologized profusely!”

#66 – Noble Gas

He has had many wives in his lifetime. He had them all dispersed for being too inert.

“The Noble Gas can’t be bothered… The Noble Gas attempted to pass a decree outlawing your survival!”

#65 – Sand Serif

Desert dwelling serifs that generally feed on any newspapers and books they can find. Research has indicated that they’re a slightly newer, or “modern”, if you will, variant of the common serif.

“The Sand Serif sniffed around for something to eat! Your instruction manual was stolen!”

#64 – Oranger

Orangers promote to Naval Orangers fairly easily because of their high resistance to scurvy.

“The Oranger took aim and fired! Suddenly, you get over that cold you’d had for the last week…”

#63 – Catter Comb

Somehow this probably manages to be exactly what everyone was and wasn’t expecting├é┬ásimultaneously.

“The Catter Comb uses a dander attack! You start sneezing uncontrollably!”

#62 – PedanTick-Tock

Uhm, actually, you said to wake you between five and six. If I’m not mistaken, that’s exactly what five thirty is.

“The PedanTick-Tock is biding its time! Technically, it’s wasting a turn.”

#61 – Alpha Snail

His idea of punishment is 2 laps. He figures you won’t finish till next week.

“The Alpha Snail fired its cannon! Expect to be hit in about an hour.”

#60 – Space Scorpion Jr.

They enter the family business so young these days.

“Space Scorpion Jr. fired a desert spittle beam! You lose some moisture and now you can’t get that ‘baby smell’ out of your clothes…”