#45 – Time Slime

That clock does not run. He leaks into the mechanism and he ruined it.

“The Time Slime cast a hasten spell! His speed increased by 1. He’s not very good yet…

#44 – TurtleBat

Possibly a Vampire who doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

“The TurtleBat used a blood theft attack! … but his speed isn’t high enough.”

#43 – Wi’fi’The Wisp

Ma’am, we’re not throttling your Bittorrent download. The bandwidth limitation is coming from INSIDE YOUR HOUSE!

“Wi’fi The Wisp sent a Burning Ping! .. .. .. 2nd degree reply recieved, latency 1ms.”

#42 – Vengeful Alarm

He is going to hit YOU in the head every morning and see how YOU like it. STOP HITTING SNOOZE AND GET UP ALREADY. NO ONE GETS HOW HARD MY JOB IS!

“The Vengeful Alarm is making a ruckus. You become poisoned, silenced, confused, inebriated, lethargic, confounded, and slightly moistened. But you are definitely NOT asleep.”

#41 – Sad Sack

Some bags get to hold stolen bank money. But others only get filled with regret.

“Sad Sack sighed a heavy sigh. The party felt depressed.”