#21 – BAGEL

You can’t quite figure out what this monster’s deal is, until you realize that every time you encounter a group of them (a rare occurence in and of itself), you can’t seem to hit them, and they run away almost immediately.

…and then, it dawns on you.

I wonder how much experience one of them is worth…


#20 – Disgruntled Anemone

Man, you’d be grumpy too if you had one of these goofy dudes all up in your hair all the time.

“The Disgruntle Sea Anemone edged closer. Maybe. Like, a little. I think.”

#19 – Uppity Nigiri

He trained for days by running on the conveyer belt.

“The Uppity Nigiri splashed you with soy sauce! You were blinded.”

#18 – Man o War

Oh man, do you see what I did there?

“The Man o War primed a grenade! … The Man O War stung itself by accident!”

#17 – Nuclear Attack Shark



Truly, the terror of the deeps.

“The Nuclear Attack shark is hungry.”

“The Nuclear Attack Shark could smell blood.”

“The Nuclear Attack Shark is on full alert! Torpedoes primed!”

#16 – Revenge of Space Scorpion

I’m not running out of ideas, I did this right after the first one and numbered it ahead. HE’LL GET EVEN.

“Revenge of Space Scorpion used a desert combo! You’re super thirsty and took massive damage.”

#15 – The Social Hermit Crab

This guy is out of his element.

“The Social Hermit Crab invited everyone to his housewarming party!

But nobody came.”

#14 – Sky Sea Mammal

I was going to do a “Skyfish” type monster for this one but it ended up as a whale somehow, and whales are not fish.

“The Sky Sea Mammal used a diving attack! Clouds splashed everywhere!”

#13 – Ape-ple


I think a friend of mine called me this over the past holiday. I have weird friends.

“The Ape-ple hit you so hard that applesauce came out of its fist! . . . Needs cinnamon.”