#12 – Seasonal Affective

He doesn’t get enough sunlight or Vitamin D. Every day is misery.

“The Seasonal Affective used a wintry attack! You caught a cold, became miserable, and craved a big plate of cookies.”

#11 – The Aggressive Space Scorpion

As opposed to the peace-loving ‘Passive Space Scorpion’.

“The Aggressive Space Scorpion fired a desert beam! You felt thirsty…”

#10 – ADDemon

This guy comes in to the first day of school with a signed note from his parents asking his teacher to please not put him in the back row of the class.

“The ADDemon spaced out.”

“The ADDemon wasn’t paying attention.”

“The ADDemon is staring out the window.”

#7, #8, #9 – Festive Boss Battle

A Delicious Meal Mimic and its cohorts appear! They will fight you with fullness. This is this blogs first “Boss Battle”! How exciting.

“The Cranberry Elemental wobbled hyponotically. You fell asleep.”

“The Gravy-Covered Goo splashed you with hot gravy! The entire party is scalded!”

“The Delicious Meal Mimic used biting attacks on the entire party! Apparently, you’re all delicious yourselves.”

#6 – Volatile Solution

This beaker contains 90% PURE, UNBRIDLED RAGE, and 10% green food dye.

“The Volatile Solution thinks you’re looking at him funny! Just to make sure, he splashes you in the face with Carbonic Acid.”

#5 – Renegade Radish

A vegetable with an attitude problem, and sunglasses that seem to say, “Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in produce that believes in you”, whatever that means.

“The Renegade Radish sneered! The party’s offense fell!”

#4 – Goblin Assistant

Yeah, Goblins are supposed to be good with machines, right? Well, that’s the angle I went for with this guy. He’s got some sweet goggles, and a wrench, but he’s not allowed to work on the tanks yet.

“The Goblin Assistant followed the steps listed Chapter 5 of the manual …. and succeded! The party takes moderate damage.”

#3 – Boisterous Mirth

‘Boisterous’ was a vocabulary word for me in like… the 7th grade. The example they used was ‘Boisterous Mirth’, and it has never left my head.. In  a way, you could say that this guy’s been following me around for my entire life.

…That explains a lot, actually.

“The Boisterous Mirth tried to tell a joke, but started laughing before getting to the punchline.”

#2 – Troubled Slime

I didn’t want to start with a slime, but i also knew I’d be compelled to do one eventually. I decided to get it out of the way.

“Troubled Slime wonders if he forgot to turn off the oven.”

#1 – The Sick Ghost

He didn’t die from being sick. He just forgot to wear an ecto-jacket.

“The Sick ghost coughed something up! The entire party was poisioned.”