#154, #155, #156 – Da Baiter, Ad Hominid, and Straw Man

Da Baiter just wants to engage you in-a da bait. It’s assisted by Ad Hominid, the offensive (in more ways than one) player in this fight. Their defensive player, Straw Man, infuriatingly protects its cohorts.

“Da Baiter made a good point! You suffer puncture damage.”

“Ad Hominid made an unfavorable, broad generalization about your character as a human being! You’re enraged! Your attack rises!… but you become confused.”

“Straw Man stood in the way of your attack! You feel like you’re about to give up.”

#7, #8, #9 – Festive Boss Battle

A Delicious Meal Mimic and its cohorts appear! They will fight you with fullness. This is this blogs first “Boss Battle”! How exciting.

“The Cranberry Elemental wobbled hyponotically. You fell asleep.”

“The Gravy-Covered Goo splashed you with hot gravy! The entire party is scalded!”

“The Delicious Meal Mimic used biting attacks on the entire party! Apparently, you’re all delicious yourselves.”