Oh man I have never made an actual blog post here before this is so weird.

It’d be nice if I could get it together enough to post this sooner, but at least this isn’t like Stumptown where I forgot to post about it entirely!

Feathered Robot Productions will be at Sakura-Con 2011 in Seattle this coming weekend, from April 22-24. That means that Emily and I will have a table in the Small Press Area, and we’ll be selling comics and other cool stuff!
Stop by the Feathered Robot booth and you can pick up YOU ENCOUNTER A COLORING BOOK which is exactly what it sounds like, or an assortment of MONSTER BUTTONS. Yes, now you too can finally live your life-long dream of having to explain what the hell a “Catter Wall” is to random passers by who happen to see the shoulder strap of your bag.
There is also a lot of great stuff from Emily, like her beautiful origami roses (MOTHER’S DAY IS ON MAY 8TH) and her comics, and a couple of original stories she and I worked on together.
So if you are in the area this weekend, stop by and say hello!