#348 – Bovine

So… is this vegan?

“The Bovine brings up some cud! It’s…. water and sunlight?”

#334 – Commemorative Plaque

Congratulations on forgetting to go to the dentist for several years!

“The Commemorative Plaque does a mind swap! You are paralyzed by the immense pain it feels at all times.”

333 – Lucky Roll

Good luck hitting this guy. Must be all the rice wine vinegar.

“The Lucky Roll selected a plate at random! … Gold Plate! You are forced to pay an extravagant amount of money.”

#320 – Dread Lock

He’s working his way up to guarding the Locker of the Damned. Right now he’s just custodian of the Cubby of the Darned.

“The Dread Lock unleashed a CryptoCurse! If you don’t figure out the combination soon, your soul is forfeit…”

#167 – iSlug

Slow to realize that maybe now’s not the time to be poking around on that.

“iSlug pulled out its phone during dinner! Each party member reacts differently…”

#107 – Smelt

The elusive Fire/Water/Fishy Smell elemental.

“The Smelt shot foul smelling steam at you! You’re burned, but saturated with beneficial Omega 3’s!”

#73 – IncreduPuff

He can’t believe it. Consequently, he doesn’t do much.

“The IncreduPuff wobbled in disbelief!”

#61 – Alpha Snail

His idea of punishment is 2 laps. He figures you won’t finish till next week.

“The Alpha Snail fired its cannon! Expect to be hit in about an hour.”