#A0 – Acid Redux

ZUT ALORS! Eet eez I… LE PALLETTE SWAPPE! You do remember me, non? I am one of zee original bosses! If you do not remember, you should feel ze SHAME! … But, I am a juste monster. I will give you ze link to my original posteeng. You are remembering me now, oui?

Ze End Boss is taking un petit… how you say, vacation for zis week! So I will be doing ze filling in while he is gone! Zees week you will see the magnifique RPG tradition of… RECOLORS! Without furzer ado, let us begin!

Zis fearsome solvant eez a cousin to its angry counterpart. But! Do not let ze face of zis chemical fool you; it is actually making ze scowl due to ze glass being… melted!

“The Acid Redux splashed you with an extra potent skin irritant! You start taking damage as your skin beats you up.”

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