#429 – Implant

They’re annoying in general, but I hear that they’re even worse if you’re allergic to pollen.

“The Implant throws dirt clods at you!…. the Implant ran out of dirt clods! The Implant has no soil left! The Implant loses some HP from being an idiot!”

#428 – AmpuTater

Didn’t think this through.

“The AmpuTater trips over its own hands and crashes into the party!”

#427 – Shark Weak

Mocked by the other sharks. Relentlessly.

“The Shark Weak fled.”

#426 – Transcendental

The psychic tooth seeking universal truth.

“The Transcendental channels cosmic energy! You start to pick up a radio station in your fillings.”

#425 – Dog Tag

It’s like a territory thing or something, he can’t really help it.

“The Dog Tag makes its mark on your party! You are all blinded.”

#424 – Kitty Litterer

He’s okay with Mondays, just not with cleaning up after himself.

“The Kitty Litterer changes itself! … … … The Kitty Litterer is refreshed!”

#423 – Bagel & Lock

Hey, if you happen to have a key, that… that would be great.

“The Bagel & Lock attempts to stand up, but falls over.”

#422 – Allerg Ick

Boy, what a crappy time of year to be 99% fertilizer.

“The Allerg Ick psychically imparts a tiny portion of its suffering to you. You pass out.”

#421 – Tongue Depressive

Nothing tastes good anymore.

“The Tongue Depressive turns his head and coughs! You’re sort of disturbed by it, but nothing else happens.”

#420 – Banana Split

A gymnast he ain’t.

“The Banana Split cartwheels into your party. Despite it being chemically impossible, the potassium it contains explodes!”