#383 – Sir Plus

This buffing beast will certainly ADD to your trouble! Haw haw.

“Sir Plus is concentrating, and added 100! … To all of his stats!”

#382 – Bowl Movement

Well, that’s inconvenient.

“The Bowl Movement fled. You still have to go…”

#381 – Can’t Elope

These two individuals of a particular variety of melon cannot run off and be wed.

“The Can’t Elope calls a cab, which almost runs into you! You dodge deftly.”

#380 – Bawlin’ Chain

He can’t stand being tied down. You can see his dilemma.

“The Bawlin’ Chain sobs uncontrollably and wastes a turn!”

#379 – Sawhorse

Uh, no thanks, I think I’ll pass on the ride.

“The Sawhorse attacks you with a bit of hay… in a needle stack.”

#378 – Stuffy Nose

Look at this guy. He’ll just look down his… self.. at you and not share his hanky.

“The Stuffy nose turns himself up at you! You are offended.”

#377 – Euphor Ick

Man, it’s like there are as many varieties of Icks as there are of slimes in a certain japanese RPG series or something…

“The Euphor Ick is high as as kite! It is now immune to earth-based damage.”

#376 – A Count

Yep, just the one. He’s having an existential crisis because no one is helping him fulfill his purpose.

“A Count is trying to get you to write on it! It pelts you with chalk.”

#375 – Hot ‘n’ Muggy

Oddly enough their least favorite season is summer.

“Hot ‘n’ Muggy unleash a wave of tea! It’s well made, so you’re healed a little!”

#374 – Tidal Waiver

Oh, okay, I’ll sign. By the way, what am I signing?

“The Tidal Waiver signs your death warrant! Game over.”