#366 – Subdude

He’s so cool, they had to restrain him. Otherwise everyone would just spontaneously pass out from the coolness.

“The Subdude asks you if you’ve got a light. You’re too amazed to move. Also, you haven’t got one and don’t know how to tell him.”

#365 – Automat Ick

Revolutionizing a process no one even wants happening.

“The Automat Ick has generated a printout! Somehow, this act leaves you too disgusted to move.”

#364 – Pants

They do what they are.

“The Pants neatly folded itself. The Pants’ evasion went up!”

#363 – Car Berater

Giving new meaning to the term ‘Road Rage’.

“The Car Berater insults your driving ability! You go berserk.”

#362 – Sir Raphim

Permanent Status Effect: High ‘n’ Mighty.

“Sir Raphim unleashes a holier-than-thou glow! You get a nice tan.”

#361 – Telephony

Y…yes…. I have… apps.

“The Telephony tripped, and the receiver smacks you in the face! You take massive nose damage.”

#360 – Ballpoint Penguin

He actually just got that name because he’s the only one of his friends to have one.

“Ballpoint Penguin signs your inventory! It’s no longer yours.”

#359 – MediTater

Most of them can open every eye except their third one.

“The MediTater is contemplating starchiness! Its resilience rises!”

#358 – Bass

Has a symbiotic relationship with a small crustacean known as the Treble.

“The Bass releases a deep pulse! You take concussive damage.”

#357 – Crapshoot

Whether or not the Crapshoot’s cannon fire will hit you is a… well…

“The Crapshoot deploys its tracking system! You have a strip of toilet paper stuck to your shoe!”