#328 – Octopie

I don’t think this pie is done.

“The Octopie flings hot apple filling at you, and you sustain delicious damage.”

#327 – Sir Face

Talk about a staredown.

“Sir Face draws near! You have no idea where to make eye contact! You become confused.”

#326 – Tree Bark

Easily distracted by Catter Logs.

“The Tree Bark seems to have to go to the bathroom. The Tree Bark became confused!”

#325 – Sickle

Well, if you stay outside in the cold rain too long… you reap what you sow.

“The Sickle sneezed! You are pierced by a sharp mist, and you also feel feverish…”

#324 – Bolder

Some feel that doing it by hand gives more life to a document than simply using a word processor.

“The Bolder writes a powerful SLAM! You are knocked down.”

#323 – Canned D

Well, at least the D is fresh, even if I have no idea what it is.

“The Canned D glared at you menacingly. Your speed drops!”

#322 – Pantaloon

He fears only one technique… pants a loon.

“Pantaloon is checking his inseam. You are too weirded out to move.”

#321 – Head Band

He’d get more business if calliope music wasn’t creepy as hell.

“The Head Band tries to do a little dance…. and falls into you! You get a trumpet right in the lip.”

#320 – Dread Lock

He’s working his way up to guarding the Locker of the Damned. Right now he’s just custodian of the Cubby of the Darned.

“The Dread Lock unleashed a CryptoCurse! If you don’t figure out the combination soon, your soul is forfeit…”

#319 – Clawset

No, seriously dad, CHECK AGAIN. Alright, I need a halogen night light.

“The Clawset used a nightmare spell! … but, you’re awake.”