#283 – Commode-O Dragon

Be careful where you… well, you know.

“The Commode-O Dragon uses a breath attack! The party doubles over, gagging uncontrollably.”

#286 – Sir Prize

Noble commander of the 1st Regimen of Royal Treasure Mimics.

“Sir Prize taunts you with the mystery item he may or may not have.”

#285 – Dissociative Fugu

On the whole, he’d prefer to be in a different situation.

“The Dissociative Fugu is spacing out.”

#284 – Gale Ick

It’s not that its breath smells like stagnant, hot wind blowing over garbage on a humid summer day… it’s that stagnant, hot wind blowing over garbage on a humid summer day smells like its breath.

“The Gale Ick coughs in your direction. The party is wiped out.”

#283 – SubjuGator

Fearsome leader of the ‘Gators… in their long time war against the ‘Diles.

“The SubjuGator is at half speed. Building up temperature…”

#282 – Peach Cobbler

He’s very proud that gnomes or elves or whatever aren’t responsible for HIS work.

“The Peach Cobbler repairs the items equipped on your feet. The Peach Cobbler fled.”

#281 – Catter Maran

Actually pretty worthless as a mode of transportation; unsurprisingly, they don’t like to actually get in the water.

“The Catter Maran kicks up a wave! It’s a slurry of kitty litter.”

#280 – Smuggler

Look at this guy. I’d like to wipe that look right off of his face, and that loot right out of his bag.

“The Smuggler is so confident, he leaves his bag unattended and exits the battle! You obtain all of the contents.”

#279 – Ceruman

Contrary to popular belief, cerumen absorb cotton swab damage.

“Ceruman grabs you, but you struggle free! However, now you really need some hydrogen peroxide…”

#278 – Champ Pain

He’s been through one too many New Years’ bouts, and he’s a little punchy.

“Champ Pain puts you into a bubble hold! You feel woozy…”