#163 – Ground Beef

Excellent tunnelers they are, they’re very difficult to herd effectively.

“The Ground Beef is seeing red! It surprise charged you from below! You sustain the impact, but the fall back down is another matter…”

#162 – Pantomime

Be careful what you cover your crotch with, is all I can say.

“The Pantomime tries to bite you, but its zipper is stuck! The attack fails.”

#161 – Tacklebox

He’s on his way to practice. On your face. With his fist.

“Tacklebox charged at full speed! Thankfully, he charged in a totally different direction than the one you were in.”

#160 – Mailer Daemon

He delivers DEATH… and taxes. I mean, until April 15th, anyway.

“The Mailer Daemon threw a stack of superthin envelopes at you! You’re covered in paper cuts.”

#159 – Deep Sea Pastry Angler

Frankly if you’re going for glowing cupcakes that are waving around in the deep ocean, you deserve your place in the food chain.

“The Deep Sea Pastry Angler let out a pheromone resembling butter cream icing! Some party members are enticed, let their guards down, and their defense falls. Others just feel like barfing.”

#158 – Insta Gator

They’re not much to fear. They need to stir themselves up to solidify, and honestly Insta Diles are better at that sort of thing.

“The Insta Gator used a dusty bite attack! You bleed… gravy?”

#156 – Cell Foam

Over billions of years, these might evolve sentience and intelligence. Then you’d call one a Smart Foam.

“The Cell Foam dribbled on you! You feel icky, and also a little bit crazy…”

#154, #155, #156 – Da Baiter, Ad Hominid, and Straw Man

Da Baiter just wants to engage you in-a da bait. It’s assisted by Ad Hominid, the offensive (in more ways than one) player in this fight. Their defensive player, Straw Man, infuriatingly protects its cohorts.

“Da Baiter made a good point! You suffer puncture damage.”

“Ad Hominid made an unfavorable, broad generalization about your character as a human being! You’re enraged! Your attack rises!… but you become confused.”

“Straw Man stood in the way of your attack! You feel like you’re about to give up.”

#153 – Shrimp Chips

I’ll tell you right now, he’s not sharing any.

“Shrimp Chips attacked with a salty, greasy claw! It hurts! You take  damage! The salt hurts more! You take more damage!”

#152 – Crown Box

The Waxline has been kept pure for generations, and he’s going to see to it that no one lets one of those Rosearts marry into the family.

“The Crown Box unleashes a tidal wave of molten cerulean! You sustain burning damage and begin to find moving difficult…”