#102 – Proverheat

Here’s a tip: Proverheat doesn’t care how much work you have to get done.

“Proverheat released all of its heat at once! You suffer severe burns! Your files are gone!”

#101 – Serious String

It knows what you’re up to and it doesn’t like it one bit.

“The Serious String threw the book at you! Turns out, it hurts!”

#100 – GRUDGE

The combined malice of 99 defeated foes.

“GRUDGE used a century of pain attack! You withstand 99 devastating hits… barely.”

The 100th monster! Tomorrow: the first of many many more. Thanks for reading!

#99 – Wild Foof

Wild Foofs carry rabies. Or maybe it’s dandelion seeds. I can never remember.

“The Wild Foof is in a frenzy! It used a Haymaker Fever attack! Concussive damage! Your nose is running, or bleeding… or maybe both.”

#98 – Slurry

He’s a lot more coherent when he’s sober.

“The Slurry tripped and splashed you with red wine! The stain starts sapping your HP!”

#97 – Thanatoast

Purveyer of the eternal brunch.

“Thanatoast shorted out! Sparks shot everywhere. You take moderate damage.”

#96 – Tramp Stamp

No return address and nothing but the open road. Plus, he can make a mean stew.

“The Tramp Stamp used a bindle attack! It’s full of clothes. You take minimal damage.”

#95 – Health Nut

Saving lives and providing essential nutrients is all in a day’s work.

“Health Nut threw a bottle of Mysterious Medicine at you! Your sinuses are cleared, but now you’re drowsy…”

#94 – Granbaloon

A granbaloon feels like it has a common feature or interest that binds it together that is in reality largely insignificant. For example, this Granbaloon’s members are all from Indiana.

“The Granbaloon rubbed together! The horrible sound lowers your defense!”

#93 – Sillycone

They seriously freak drunk drivers out.

“The Sillycone summons a balloon animal stampede! The static paralyzes the party!”