#59 – Blunder Bus

This isn’t going to end well for you. Or for everyone on the field trip.

“The Blunder Bus swerved to avoid you!.. .. .. Miss! You sustain concussive damage.”

#58 – Catter Pillar

I haven’t seen one myself, but I’m told that they’re loooooooooong.

“The Catter Pillar utterly failed to keep its balance! You sustain heavy damage. … … but it landed on its feet!”

#57 – DONUT

Thinking it’s just like it’s distant cousin the Bagel, many a warrior have slain the Donut only to find that instead of a bounty of experience and gold, it only grants useless calories, which, unfortunately, only boost your ASS stat.

“A Donut approaches! Suddenly, you feel like maybe skipping breakfast…”

#56 – Uizer Diddit

Uizer Diddits are fond of using their magic to change things around and create inconsistencies. Most people don’t notice, but a select few who border on obsessive do. So when you see something amiss, just remember…

“The background color changed between turns! The explanation is obvious… a Uizer Diddit!”

#55 – Cactopus

Known as the ‘Terror of the Desert’, the Cactopus is known to even strike fear into the heart of Space Scorpion himself.

“The Cactopus is stirring up the sand! A sandstorm brewed! The Cactopus burrowed its way underground! You suddenly feel like you’re sinking…”

#54 – Boron

Well… he has good intentions and is a hard worker, at least.

“The Boron tried to attack, but became confused. The Boron is confused that it is confused. The Boron fell asleep.”

#53 – Catter Wall

I are serious protective wall. This is serious threat.

“The Catter Wall sat down. You might as well give up, cause it’s definitely not moving now.”

#52 – Boojum

A particularly dangerous transformation of Snark. Fond of inflicting invisibility on its prey.

“You faded to nothing. For the Snark was a Boojum, you see.”

#51 – Snark

A weird, humorless beast that lives on a rocky island. Apparently much craftier than it looks.

“The Snark hid in a crevice! You have no idea how to find it now.”

#50 – Pigment Patriarch

The alpha of a platoon of pigments. A Pigment Patriach’s ink has all the effects of the lesser pigments. All at once. The Pigment Patriarch is also prone to charging at anything that has a face.

“The Pigment Patriarch eyes you suspiciously. Somehow, the wind is already knocked out of you.”