#357 – Crapshoot

Whether or not the Crapshoot’s cannon fire will hit you is a… well…

“The Crapshoot deploys its tracking system! You have a strip of toilet paper stuck to your shoe!”

#317 – Sir Loin

A job done by Sir Loin is a job well done. Straying from his code of honor is very rare.

“Sir Loin flings hot grease at you! Your clothes catch fire!”

#302 – Sir Charge

This noble champion of efficiency is here to tell you that electronic devices still use power even if they’re turned off! Unplug your appliances, knave!

“Sir Charge uses a Jolt Joust attack! You are pierced and paralyzed.”

#295 – Rubber Bandersnatch

Often shunned, particularly for wasting office supplies.

“The Rubber Bandersnatch becomes frumious! You are dazed by the smell of burning rubber.”

#294 – Jabberwok

Vorpal Chopsticks reccomended.

“You strike at the Jabberwok! Its stir-fry goes snicker snack.”

#293 – To-Duelist

Greetings. I am the Marquise de Cheque, and I am here to get things done.

“The To-Duelist changed your due date to 10 seconds from now! Instant KO in 10… 9…”

#292 – Circuit Tree

You need to be particularly wary of the short ones.

“The Circuit Tree casts Electrostatic Autumn! Positively and Negatively charged leaves rain from above.”

#231 – Identacle

Steals personal documents from sailors and makes fraudulent charges in their names.

“The Identacle tries to buy some stuff on eBay using your credit card! Your FraudArmor blocks the attack.”

#216 – Catter Gory

Not exactly one you can explain to mom if it follows you home.

“The Catter Gory rubs up against you affectionately! You’re too grossed out to move…”

#215 – Fiendish

The casserole of Beelzebub himself.

“The Fiendish stole the soul of your tastebuds! Everything tastes like overcooked broccoli!”